Wild and Company

Investment Banking

Acquisitions and Divestitures

Through our international network of affiliates, Wild & Company can quickly research and locate appropriate acquisition candidates. We assist our clients in every phase including initial negotiations, structuring, due diligence, negotiating the purchase agreement and arranging financing.

Recapitalization and Refinancing

Clients often benefit dramatically from revising capital structure. Among the methods are buying-in equity through stock repurchases or tender offers, debt reduction with the issuance of common or preferred stock, or refinancing existing debt on more advantageous terms. We advise on the optimum structure and assist in appropriate transactions.

Debt and Equity Offerings

We assist clients in raising capital through public offerings, private placements of debt or equity securities. We work with clients to structure appropriate securities and terms, and then to place them directly with bank, institutional or venture capital investors or with the public through underwriters.

Initial Public Offerings

For clients with privately held organizations, Wild & Company can advise on the merits of “going public,” and, if this is an appropriate route, arrange an IPO and assist in every phase of the transaction.

Sale of Companies

Wild & Company can advise on every aspect of a sales transaction including valuation, finding potential buyers, negotiations, structure and financing, documenting and closing the deal.

Programs to Increase Visibility in the Financial Community
With thousands of companies for investors to consider, a program designed to draw attention to a company can increase stock value. For public clients, we evaluate and redesign investor relations programs and assist in establishing appropriate forums for investors to explore the benefits of ownership in your company.