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Every company has goals, most are attainable with the materials and talent at hand, but sometimes help is needed. That’s where Wild and Company comes in. We offer strategic thinking, implementation, marketing and financial opportunities that build bridges between where your company is, and where you want it to be.
We get you there.

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We assist our clients in developing strategic plans which clarify the company’s goals and objectives, identify opportunities for growth and increased profitability, and value and outline the coordinated programs, …

Investment Banking

Through our international network of affiliates, Wild & Company can quickly research and locate appropriate acquisition candidates. We assist our clients in every phase including initial negotiations, structuring, …

Leveraged Buyouts

If your company or division has sales between $25 million and several billion, has a steady history of profitability, and is privately owned or is a candidate for divestiture and has good prospects, …


Wild & Company’s marketing service was built on the premise that putting an Investment Banker and a powerful creative talent in the same room, working on the same problem produces lightning – clear, …


In seeking to increase the value of our clients’ businesses, Wild & Company will investigate a range of potential options appropriate to the circumstances. In each case we lead our clients through the process step-by-step.

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