Wild and Company


Strategy Development

We assist our clients in developing strategic plans which clarify the company’s goals and objectives, identify opportunities for growth and increased profitability, and value and outline the coordinated programs, steps and timetable for achieving them. The best plans often conceptualize, organize and lead to the implementation of change.

Business Planning

We work with clients to develop plans that provide a framework for business operations and a set of detailed financial goals. These documents are essential for presentations to financial sources. They will contain sections on company history, markets, products, distribution strategy, competition and management.

Marketing and Marketing Development

Companies can increase their growth and/or margins, sometimes dramatically, by carefully examining the markets where they are participating. It is often possible to identify and target segments that are under-served or have greater profit potential. We conduct market research and competitive analysis.

Geographic Expansion / Foreign Markets

We assist in the identification of potential overseas markets and evaluate comparative returns. We research and produce tailored country reports and utilize overseas associates to construct market profiles for specific industries and services. We help companies develop and implement export programs.

Increasing Margins

Margin improvement can have dramatic effect on the bottom line and on the overall value of the enterprise. We assist companies in defining how to improve margins and work with them to establish step-by-step plans for achieving this.

Reducing Overhead

By defining fresh approaches to selling and general and administrative costs, profits and cash flow are often improved. We work with companies to identify and realize these opportunities.

Internet Planning

The advent of the Internet has created significant opportunities – and challenges – for every business. To maximize potential in this environment, new corporate strategies are essential. Years before the commercialization of the Internet, Wild & Company began helping clients to develop and implement highly successful e-business programs.